Exploring cultures and communities – the slow way

hidden europe is the slow train that grinds over the Danube plain in the summer heat.

hidden europe is the sparkling moment in some unsung spot where we catch a glimpse of another world.

hidden europe is the woman in black, in a Slovene speaking village in Italy, who stands in the spring sunshine outside the village church.

hidden europe is a Sicilian quayside late at night where a ragged group of migrants estranged from hope and home nervously wait.

hidden europe is Sarajevo, Srebrenica, and all the half remembered places from the news.

hidden europe is the buzz of the small town square.

hidden europe is the sound of music from a bar in the back streets of Seville.

hidden europe is the old hotel by the abandoned station in Karelia where the trains no longer stop.

hidden europe is the magic of arriving on the post boat on the Faroese outpost of Svínoy.

hidden europe is the group of men in a café eating slices of salo with black bread and raw garlic, washed down with vodka, on that cold January night in Ukraine.

hidden europe is passionate but impartial in its reports.

hidden europe is the pleasure of seeing our world anew.