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So what is the best way to get from Dubrovnik to Athens? Take the bus, we say, at least for the first part of the journey. Improved bus and ferry services now make it very easy to travel from southern Croatia through Montenegro and Albania to Greece. It is a fine journey, especially if you can make time to stop off in Kotor, Tiranë and Corfu.

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We have always urged travellers to seize any chance to see something of Albania. Many visitors to Dubrovnik heading south to Greece make a dog-leg by ferry, travelling first to Bari in Italy, connecting there onto another ferry to Patras. It certainly gives a pleasant couple of days afloat, yet the land route through Montenegro and Albania is too good to miss.

Uncertainty over Albanian furgons perhaps fuelled worries about travelling through Albania. A furgon (or shared minibus) is an unregulated service, often overcrowded, perhaps erratic and with no published timetable. It’s fun, but not for everyone. Now a new generation of scheduled bus services make it very easy to pre-book journeys.

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