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Polar Quest: Nobile

Planning the rescue

  • — Date of event: Monday 28, May 1928 —

Rescue mission planned as Nobile is still missing

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rescue mission planned as Nobile is still missing

It is now three days since the Italia sent out its last broadcast, announcing that Nobile’s team had reached the North Pole and would now return to Spitsbergen.

According to Central News, the Citta di Milano, Umberto Nobile's supply ship, has left King's Bay in order to explore the neighbouring area. It is also reported that the ship became icebound off Dane Island. This is only one of the various rescue plans currently being considered. As the correspondent of the Morning Post and The Scotsman reports, the Norwegian government will send out a relief expedition – and it is assumed that no-one but Roald Amundsen will be the leader. Already preparatory work is underway. Lieutenant Luetzow-Holm of the Norwegian Naval Air Service flew north to Tromsö. Upon arrival in the north Norwegian town, he will continue by steamer to Spitsbergen in order to undertake some reconnaissance flights.

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