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hidden europe no. 20 (May / June 2008)

hidden europe no. 20 (May / June 2008)

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This is the twentieth issue of hidden europe magazine published on 2 May 2008.

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  • an island outpost: Helgoland 
  • Montenegro: accursed mountains (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Pennine portrait
  • a Caucasian knot: South Ossetia (by Karlos Zurutuza)

COLLECTABLES: not just face value – European charity stamps

PERSPECTIVE: market forces: the city of`Pécs (by Amanda Wilson)

MOMENTS: spring, storks and trains — a visit to Brcko

ROUTES: Kaliningrad conundrum

WORDS: know your gentilics

SPECIAL SPACES: Expo architecture

HIDDEN HISTORIES: polar quest: the 1928 Nobile expedition


  • a dog's life
  • preview
  • the heart of nations 
  • snickelways
  • worth a detour

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