hidden europe no. 34 (summer 2011)

hidden europe no. 34 (summer 2011)

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This is the thirty-fourth issue of hidden europe magazine.

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  • Quo vadis Macedonia?
  • In search of the Uskoks of Senj (by Rudolf Abraham)
  • Songlands: a Karelian journey
  • Where cultures meet: Kazan (by Laurence Mitchell)

BOOKS: The lure of the local

SPECIAL SPACES: Three stages of remembering: Sanremo's Armea cemetery

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: An Arctic outpost: Victoria Island

RAILSCAN: To name a train: from Easterlings to Tyrolean bacon

PERSPECTIVE: The past is another country

ROUTES: Switzerland by train: Zürich to Lausanne


  • Shared sacred space
  • Malta: end of the road
  • From Waterlitz to Austerloo
  • Temple of All Religions
  • The Russian Federation
  • Preview