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"We may no longer be officially the centre of England" says a lady in Meriden in the English Midlands. "But we are undoubtedly at the heart of the country." Join us as we ponder on the heart of nations.

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Geographical centre points often command a certain fascination. Way back in hidden europe 5 (November 2005) we had an article on quite where is the very centre of Europe, concluding that it possibly lies in western Ukraine or in Lithuania - all depending on which Arctic islands you include in the calculation. On our travels, we have run across quite a number of communities that claim to be the central point of the countries in which they are located. The middle of Switzerland, for example, is marked by a stone on a suitably scenic mountainside called Älggi-Alp in the Canton of Obwalden. Switzerland has it easy - no offshore islands to complicate the calculation.

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